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Transcriptome Seq

Transcriptomics is a discipline that examines gene transcription and transcriptional regulation in cells on a global level. The transcriptome (transcriptome), in a broad sense, refers to a collection of all transcripts within a perticular physiological condition, including messenger RNA, ribosomal RNA, transporter RNA and noncoding RNA. In a narrow sense, it is the set of all messenger RNA molecules in one cell or a population of cells.
Transcriptome sequencing is capable of swiftly capturing all transcripts and gene sequences in a given species or tissue, therefore it is widely used in investigating gene structure and function, variable splicing and new transcript prediction. Compared with traditional chip hybridization approach, transcriptome sequencing can detect integral transcriptional activity of any species and provide more precise digital signal, higher detection throughput and wider coverage without probe design. Currently, transcriptome sequencing is a powerful tool to explore transcriptomics complexity and has been widely applied in animal and plant genetic studies.
With the help of cutting-edge tools including library construction, Illumina Hiseq platform, and bioinformatics expertise, RBT offers exceptional services transcriptome services in expression analysis, alternative splicing, mRNA quantitative analysis, and gene structure analysis, among others. Furthermore, RBT also provides personalized services including project design and support.