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Microbial Genome Seq

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) has been an effective way to reveal the genetic information of microbes and is widely used in microbial research. Benefit from the technique, researchers can elucidate the functional components in genomes of individual species, classify gene function, identify the unknown genes and build phylogenetic trees.
Metagenomic sequencing is able to directly analyze the microbial genomes in a given environment and bypasses the need of microbial culture, which may be a challenge for many microorganisms. By means of mathematical statistics, the sequencing technique analyzes microbial species and abundance, gene composition and abundance, as well as the relationship between microbes and human health. Metagenomic sequencing is a great advancement to 16s amplicon sequencing and has attracted extraordinary research enthusiasm. Futhermore, the wide application of Illumina Hiseq platform gives an impetus to the wide application of metagenomic sequencing.