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For prokaryotic full-spectrum transcriptome sequencing, total RNA was directly extracted from the sample, and the rRNA was filtered using a kit and sequenced. Through high-throughput sequencing of all transcripts in bacteria except rRNA, we can not only carry on quantitative analysis of mRNAs expression, identify the differentially expressed genes and their corresponding functions, but also investigate the function of non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) by means of target gene prediction and coexpression analysis. Due to the fact that prokaryotic mRNAs do not have polyA tail structure, but we still need to remove rRNA, RBT adopts effective methods to remove rRNA for different research species to ensure the amount of data.

sequencing strategy

Sequencing platform: Hiseq4000

Sequencing type: PE150

Library Type: 200bp

Recommended data quantity: 1-2Gb clean data