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Fungi are the lower eukaryotes, encompassing an enormous diversity of taxa with varied ecological niches, life cycle strategies, and morphologies. Their genomes range from 10M to 150M in size, and contain polyploid, hybrid, or highly repetitive sequences. With the advanced NGS technologies, the cost of genome sequencing has been quickly plummeting. Its application to study diversity has greatly enhanced the resolution and added robustness to estimates of genetic diversity within various taxonomic groups.

Sequencing Strategy
Illumina HiSeq platform

a. HiSeq2500
b. Paired-end 150 bp
c. 500 bp insert DNA library
d. Sequencing depth: 100-150X
e. Assembling strategy: de bruijn graph

Research Contents
a. Prediction of functional elements
b. Gene function annotation
c. Comparative genome analysis