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Bacterial genome sequencing is an important tool for mapping genomes of novel organisms, finishing genomes of known organisms, or comparing genomes across multiple samples. Sequencing the entire microbial genome is important for generating accurate reference genomes, for microbial identification, and other comparative genomic studies. We offer high-effective sequencing methods and professional bioinformatics analysis to help you probe deeply into functional elements, functional gene, and phylogenies.

Sequencing Strategy
(1) Illumina HiSeq platform

a. HiSeq2500
b. Paired-end 150 bp
c. 500 bp insert DNA library
d. Sequencing depth: 100-150X
e.Assembling strategy: de bruijn graph

(2) PacBio platform
a. PacBio RS II
b. Amplified DNA length: 10kb
c. Sequencing depth: 50-100X

Research Contents
a. Prediction of functional elements
b. Gene function annotation
c. Comparative genome analysis