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Introduction Pipeline Advantages Sample Typical Cases

Metagenomic sequencing mainly focuses on the genomes of microbes in a specific environment as the research object. With the help of high-throughput sequencing technologies, reseachers can analyze microbial community diversity, gene composition and function, as well as metabolic pathways associated with the environment. This technology has opened up a new era in the study of microbial diversity with direct access to the genomes of numerous non-cultivatable microorganisms in their natural habitat, thus it has been widely applied to related environmental studies.
Research Field
1) Medicine: digestive system disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), endocrine system disease( obesity, diabetes) etc.;
2) Agriculture: rhizosphere microorganisms, soil microorganisms treated by fertilization, etc.;
3) Animal husbandry: animal stomach, intestines, etc.;
4) Environment: soil, water, mud, fog, etc.;
5) Special extreme environment: mining microorganisms, Yellowstone national park microorganisms,etc.

Sequencing Strategy
1) HiSeq 4000 platform
2) Paired-end 150 bp.

Research Contents

1) Microbial community diversity analysis;
2) Gene composition analysis and gene abundance analysis;
3) Functional gene analysis.