Realbio Technology



 What is your service workflow?

Once your DNA samples arrive at our laboratory, quality control testing will start  immediately. If  the quality of your samples meet our requirement, library construction and sequencing will begin once we receive your Purchase Order (PO). After your project is completed, an invoice will be sent to you via email. Please follow the instructions on the invoice for payments.

How to pay for your sequencing services?

Terms of payment are listed as follows: 1. By electronic transfer. Bank account information will be shown on the invoice; 2. By credit card. Please note that there is a credit card processing fee; 3. By check. Mail your check directly to our office.

Do you accept tissues or body fluids to extract  DNA?

Yes, we do. But we usually provide DNA extraction method to you and encourage you to extract DNA by yourself and then send us purified DNA or RNA samples. If you have a need for DNA extractions, please contact your Realbio representative to discuss your specific needs.

What methods can be used to send DNA samples ?

You need to send your DNA samples  according to the following instructions: 1. The DNA can be lyophilized for transporting at room temperature; 2. Samples can be shipped with ice packs or dry ice; 3. The safest method is to pack samples in dry ice and use sufficient dry ice to allow for the consumption (sublimation) of 5 kg per day, through the fastest shipping.

What are your platforms for sequencing?

Realbio sequencing platforms mainly include HiSeq 2500, HiSeq4000, and MiSeq. These platforms can produce high quality data using different sequencing strategies, and are tailored to meet the diverse needs (library types, read length, throughput, turnaround time and cost) of scientific research and applications.

How can I obtain the data after completing the project?

There are  three options for data delivery: 1. Hard drive or U-disk sent via  express transportation; 2. Data download through our corresponding  server; 3. Baidu cloud data download.

When the sequencing is completed, can you return the remainder of the samples to me?

Yes, you can require us to return the remainder of the samples  if you pay the freight charge. Please indicate that in the agreement.