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Early Screening of CRC


What are the  factors for colon cancer?

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

Colon cancer often has no obvious signs or symptoms in its early stages. By the time colon cancer symptoms are apparent, unfortunately, most individuals have developed to the advanced stage.
If you experience any of the following signs associated with colon cancer, see your doctor immediately.

every day your colon naturally sheds cells. If you have cancer or precancer in your colon, abnormal cells shed into the colon along with normal cells, where they are picked up by stool as it passes through.

COLOWELL®, noninvasive early screening services for colorectal cancer, uses advanced stool DNA technology to find elevated levels of aberrant DNA fragment and/or hemoglobin in these abnormal cells, which could be associated with cancer or precancer.
Molecular diagnostics offers a new powerful tool to help oncologists and pathologists study the genetic causes of cancer as well as the potential of targeted therapies, which opening the door to the personalized medicine. This services for colorectal cancer take advantage of the cost-effective technology which enriches specific regions or targeted genes through  Agile Detect TM
and ARMS-PCR and ELISA. Till  December 2016, COLOWELL® has been used over 5,500 times.


Sample box- The COLOWELL Collection Kit is easy to use and is shipped directly to your home. For more on collecting a sample, see the How To Use manual.

Sample preparation- You collect a single stool sample using this kit
Mailing sample- You send it to Colowell Labs via prepaid Express shipping or pick-up.
Sample result- We provide the result back to your doctor, who will contact you to discuss next steps.
Follow instruction- Talking to your doctor about COLOWELL should be as easy as using it. Answer a few questions to generate a customized Discussion Guide, then print it out or email the PDF to yourself to bring to your next appointment.